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shopping and worldwide delivery from Turkish online stores

Forbidden goods

Please read the information before sending the package


1. Delivery within Turkey. We only ship to other countries.

2. Receiving or sending any video of knives, except for kitchen knives.

3. Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, including the form of drugs.

4. Purchase or shipment of weapons, weapon parts or dual-use goods.

5. Sending goods in gift wrapping. During the packaging phase, the store's gift wrapping will be removed.

6. Receiving and forwarding letters from the club, as well as any promotional products.

7. With goods that need to be disassembled and assembled.

8. Receiving and sending of walkie-talkies, electronic, laser, radio / radar detectors, RF-scanners.

9. Receiving and sending antiques, paintings and other items of artistic and museum value.

10. Receipt and shipment of alcohol, tobacco and nicotine-containing substances.

11. Coins, banknotes and any other banknotes (including those out of circulation), as well as medals and orders.

12. Perishable goods, as well as goods requiring a special temperature regime during storage and transportation.

13. Biological organisms, biomaterials, seeds or plant parts.

14. Under the laws of the Republic of Turkey, e-banderol does not send parcels to sanctioned countries and regions: Cuba, North Korea, Sudan.

15. Other goods prohibited for shipment in accordance with the acts of the Universal Postal Union, the customs legislation of the Customs Union, or individual countries.

If you have ordered items from the listed list to our address, please contact us and together we will decide what to do with this shipment.


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